Saturday, May 3, 2008

High Definition Video on the Web Today

Today, video is everywhere. The journey from cell phone to is now a short hop and more and more often businesses are producing their message visually over the Web.

Today, when you go on-line to make a purchase, you can see a video demonstration of the product in action. If it needs assembly, instead of piecing it together from a single sheet of indecipherable instructions, you can get step-by-step video instructions on-line; and in some cases you can ask questions and receive answers in real-time with instant messaging.

As if this wasn't enough, broadband technologies are converging at breakneck speed, and higher quality video is on the way. The latest development is the arrival of High Definition (HD) video over the Web which is making the entire Web video experience much more enjoyable and acceptable.

Apple TV and iTunes can stream 720p high-definition (HD) video and now HD content is becoming available through the iTunes Store. Video podcasts are out there. Soon the availability of high-definition movies and TV shows from many sources will happen.
One of the biggest complaints with the Apple TV was the dearth of HD video content. But HD content is finally available on iTunes for free.

Already, the video Web site has started to add high-definition videos using Adobe Flash Player 9.0 using H.264 encoding.

See examples of HD at

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