Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Presidents of the United States - App

Presidents of the United States

This Presidents of United States app for Android is for children and adults, and features pictures of all the U.S. presidents, their years in office, as well other information. Learn to identify the famous leaders of the United States.

From George Washington to Barack Obama, a picture of each president and a short biography with dates and notable facts are provided about the lives of the men that led the nation. Great for students and easy to use, American Presidents features a slide show that can be used as a set of flash cards for you to test your knowledge of the presidents.

Disappearing Paddle Ball - App

Disappearing Paddle Ball

Background colors disguise colored balls as they bounce and are hit by a paddle.
Disappearing Paddle Ball uses background colors to disguise colored balls as they bounce within a confined space and are hit by a paddle. Bumpers and increased ball speed are introduced at higher levels. The compact features of an Android device make advanced play of this game challenging.

Momma Cat - Children's Story

Momma Cat - Children's Story

Momma Cat is about a family of kittens and the human family they live with.
Momma Cat is a short story for kids that help to build bonds between parent & child. Momma Cat encourages thinking about relationships while teaching companionship, love and care.

Momma Cat promotes reading in young children though text, artwork and audio that entertains and promotes reading in three ways:

★ Adult reads to child while showing the pictures

★ Child reads the book in traditional form

★ Narrative audio plays as the pages are turned

Great for younger children!

From the story:


by Iduna Kinross

MommaCat looked over her new litter with a proud eye.

Three lovely little girls – grey and white, just like her

- and a mustard yellow son. “A handsome family indeed,”

she thought.

Mrs. Pollifax, the nice lady who kept house for MommaCat

tiptoed into the room with her five-year old daughter,


“Aren’t they precious!” said Mrs. Pollifax.

United States Naval Academy (USNA) App


United States Naval Academy (USNA) is a reference guide providing Reef Points (knowledge of interest to plebes and family members), academy pictures, navy music, navy sports, and USNA maps.